The minute we read this sentence, for many of us the first association that comes to mind is McDonalds. For me, however it has a different association. Which better day to share it with you, but on Valentine’s Day – the very day for celebrating love. 

We often thing love can only be for people. Something that we feel for each other. And yet, it is from my neighbor Dev, a year older than me that I learnt otherwise. Whenever I would go to his house to play, his mother would give both of us fresh cut fruits. She was a doctor and I think she took the proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” very seriously. Mangoes, apples, strawberries – in their ripest, sweetest form would always be available in bounty at their home. She would also add some honey and chocolate shavings to it so all in all, I simply loved it. And so did Dev.
After each bite, he would say, “I’m lovin’ it!” He would eat the fruits with such gusto, such enthusiasm that just watching him eat them I would start feeling hungry. In fact this sentence became such an integral part of him that no matter what we would be doing – playing, running, flying kites, painting – at the end of the experience he would always say, “I’m lovin it!” 
The friends you choose when you are young become an important part of your life. Even when the friends are no longer there. As we shifted to another building, Dev and me lost touch. However, his sentence, “I’m lovin it” continued to stay with me.
I realized every experience could become such a beautiful one if I could participate in it wholeheartedly and love it. A football practice can be just that, or become an exhilarating experience of sunshine, mud and joy. By simply expressing, “I’m lovin’ it” often enough – we can add so much more excitement into the so called ordinary experiences of our life.
Think about it – whether you are eating your favourite food, or just hanging around in the swimming pool. Whether you are attending your best class, or meeting your most wonderful teacher – can you say the words, “I’m lovin it” either to yourself or to someone around you?
In fact, even when you are not really enjoying doing something but know that you have to whether you like it or not – may as well make it a little more exciting for yourself by bringing in some fun to it. You can just say the three magic words internally a few times and you will realize nothing really seems like such a burden, or chore anymore.
Love is a powerful emotion. Whether you hold it for a person, a thing or simply an attitude to keep re-visiting. So, what all are you loving this February?


What is LOVE?
Different people say different things about love but this is what I feel - Love is something that connects people, animals and things. Love is seen and shown when you try to impress someone, to support, help and care for someone. Love is different to everyone. Love makes people feel different things. Everyone has different dreams about love. 
For example: 
My Mother‘s Love: 

When I was sick, my mother was awake throughout the night and she was holding me in her arms without sleeping.
My Pet’s Love :
Love is when my pet dog comes running towards me and pounces on me when I meet him after school.
My Father’s CRAZY LOVE:
Even though he was elected from all over India for some award, he missed it because he wanted to spend time with me since he gets only Sundays to spend with me.
At last my love: