It was holi and I was very excited. Not because of the colours, or the water – I disliked all of that. Simply because it was a holiday, a peaceful day in March and my mother had ordered some delicious food for me. Sitting in my pretty pink pyjamas, I waited for the doorbell to ring and the food to arrive. As I was looking out of the balcony, I saw my building friends playing around with the water hose, throwing colours on each other and laughing. I shuddered. I couldn’t imagine getting myself dirty. I just didn’t like the feel of colours on me.

Finally the doorbell rang, and I ran to get it. Before I could comprehend what was happening, a few of my friends screamed, “Holi Hai” and put colour all over my face, hair and clothes. I was shocked. I froze. I felt tears of anger spontaneously start to fall from my eyes. My friends just gawked at me and were speechless. They never expected such a reaction from me, and I never expected this from them. All of us just seemed to be stuck in time for a painful few moments. No one spoke. No one moved. Suddenly there was a flurry of movement and the younger brother of one of my friends came running up the stairs, outside my house. He saw all of them. He saw me. And then he started giggling.
He giggled. He chuckled. He laughed. And suddenly I felt something tug at my lips. It was a smile. Very soon, we were all giggling like lunatics. I hugged all my friends, wished them and once we were all clean, we had a wonderful lunch together.
It was a holi that I have never forgotten. It was a holi that taught me something very important – it taught me that life will bring strange surprises to your life. Can you make the most of these surprises? Can you learn to laugh on yourself? Can you learn to take the surprises within your stride?
I could have stayed angry, and spoilt the entire day – for myself, and my friends. But because someone came along and showed me the humour in the situation, we were all able to have the most memorable holi ever.
Wishing you all a very happy holi – and many more colourful realizations along the way.
Holi – Each of my friend is a different colour
I love Holi because I Iove colours. Colours are all around us. Each colour is unique and has its own specific mood, nature and personality, just like different people. Each one of my friends is like a different colour. Some friends are calm and loyal, like the colour blue, the colour of the sky and sea which are deep, vast and endless. Some are stylish, like the colour black, which stands for fashion. Few others are cheerful and energetic like yellow and orange, similar to the playful shades of the rising and setting sun. Some others are caring like the colours red and pink, which indicate a deep bond. Others stand by me when I need them like the colour brown which is like the tree trunks. The new friends I make are my new beginnings like the colour green which are the new leaves on my plant. My parents are my best friends, who like the spectacular rainbow are a combination of great qualities of many colours put together. So I celebrate the spirit of Holi everyday with my colourful friends and family. Holi Hai!