Why Miraaya

The answer, why miraaya, will vary from person to person, organization to organization.

Why Miraaya for your child? (2.5 – 13)
Miraaya is a holistic growth centre which focuses on some key elements of development in a child.(Read Our Story). We, along with hundreds of parents, believe miraaya is that essential part of your child’s growing up journey that will get him Life Ready and not just Exam Ready.
Why Miraaya for your health? (teenagers and adults)
Moving away from crash diets, intensive workouts, measuring tapes and weighing scales, miraaya has created programs that work on your body-mind-spirit. Miraaya, when made into a part of your lifestyle, aims to gift you with the joys of holistic health.
Why Miraaya for your school?
Miraaya has developed programs for schools (One hour – once a week) which aims to empower your students in each of the following:
1) Relationships
2) Communication
3) Emotions
4) Leadership
5) Roots and Wings
6) Global citizens of a New World
7) Creativity
8) Wonder
9) One with Nature
Why Miraaya for your corporate?
Miraaya has some wonderful programs for various different levels in a corporate. We can conduct one day events as well as ongoing workshops that are niche and premium in nature.
Why Miraaya as a franchisee?
Miraaya is a successful spiritual story and only for those people who feel they wish to make a difference, and be a part of a team that loves, laughs, learns from its mistakes and leaves behind a legend. Miraaya franchisees are not available off the counter. One must understand who we are and what we stand for – and become one with our vision to partner for us. We are stringent in our choosing process and look for long term mature relationships based on win-win principle.