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Every organization has a story. And this is ours.

Both the co-founders of Miraaya, Dr Nidhi Gupta and Megha Bajaj have felt passionately about teaching children, from the time they were children themselves. Something about being with children, teaching them about Life, teaching them about Love for learning had always seemed like the best way to make the world a better place.

Coming from one of the best schools in South Mumbai, moving ahead to study from the best institutes – they both felt, there was something essential that the education system was missing out on. It was getting children Exam Ready but not Life Ready.

They wondered if something could be done ?

For if one had to get life ready – then for sure each of these should have been subjects along with Science, Math, Languages and History...

Considering this forms the very basis of all our lives, aren’t we and our children extremely under prepared for them?
A beautiful life is the results of effective communication with these three – Self, Others and Life Itself.
From gratitude to compassion, from anger to jealousy – don’t we experience each of these? Shouldn’t we know how to handle them better?
Only the class monitor will become a future leader? How will the remaining 35 or so children understand what does it mean to lead?
Roots and Wings
Only a child who knows where he is coming from, will know where he is going. Deeper the roots, stronger the wings.
Global Citizens of a New World
What do you need to do to be a global citizen of the new world? Confidence on the outside, compassion within.
The ability to think out of the box. The ability to go beyond the ordinary and teach the extra-ordinary.
With all the gadgets that children are surrounded with, the time to look up and ask what makes the star twinkle is going away.
One with Nature
History has proved it time and again, that to be well rounded happy human being one needs to stay close to nature and its elements and learnings.

They felt there needed to be an organization that took care of all of the above. Only then, would education be complete in the real sense. Since they couldn’t find such a place, they decided to create it.

Miraaya Holistic Growth Centre, a 2500+ square feet of green beautiful space was created in Deonar Farm Road, Mumbai. Along with holding multiple classes for children (2.5 – 13 years) that dealt with the complete holistic development for children, they started realizing that there was a need – on urging of the parents of children who came to them – for a space to recharge, rejuvenate and revitalize for adults too.

Miraaya grew to become a holistic development centre for children and adults by adding classes like meditation, chakra cleansing, art and many more relaxing workshops for adults.

The rest as they say, is always history.