Founders Message

Dr. Nidhi Gupta
Throughout my school years in J. B. Petit, Fort, I have stood amongst the top 4 in academics. I have received best certificate awards in 1-2 subjects every year and in my ICSE 10th Std exam scored 90 and 95 percent in English and Hindi respectively which was the second highest in the entire board. I still remember the pride with which my mother used to sit in the front rows while I would receive my awards. Honestly all this has NOT been possible because I would study a lot. I don’t remember missing a single family function because of studies, I used to have some amazing times with my friends, and would take part in extra-curricular activities and above all I used to simply love learning because of the way my father used to teach me. Before exams when most people would be cramming I used to feel relaxed and excited. Today my success as a doctor or at miraaya does not come due to my academics but because of my ability to COMMUNICATE, to EMPATHISE with people, to make someone feel ACCEPTED and LOVED in my presence, to have the ability to LEAD my team, my DEVOTION towards my work.
My core belief: Prepare children for LIFE and not only EXAMS. Holistic personality development and emotional quotient is NO LONGER a luxury - it is a necessity. It is what sets one child apart from the other.
Megha Bajaj
Being the author of two books that have done extremely well in India (Thank You Cancer Published by Hay House and I Inspire published by Jaico) has taught me something very important about career choices, success and relationships. Beyond a point no one asks you your marks, or your grades or about your certificates. What people do ask for is – are you passionate? Do you love what you do? Can you be a good leader and team player? Can you communicate effectively? Can you empower? The answer to these questions has formed the core of miraaya for children. For adults, we have been inspired a medical breakthrough that we saw in our own family that made us realize that health is not just about the body – but the mind and spirit too. When addressed holistically, it becomes an integral part of your lifestyle empowering you to tackle all life’s highs and lows.
Rajesh Chaudhary is an established Chartered Accountant with varied business interests. His philanthropic bent of mind and expertise adds professionalism, with a touch of compassion, to miraaya.